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A Screened Enclosure For the Pool – Is it Possible?

Since it’s summertime, you are probably enjoying as much time as possible outside cooling down and having fun with the family in your swimming pool. While this is plenty of fun for everyone, you might be getting bitten by bugs or have something else bothering you.

What if you could bring your swimming pool “inside,” in a manner of speaking? This is entirely possible by using a screen enclosure around your swimming pool, affording you a great many benefits that you won’t get anywhere else.

The Surprising Benefits of Screened Enclosures For Pools

screen enclosures hartford

If you decide to encircle your swimming pool with a screen enclosure, then you will be able to begin reaping many benefits, including (but definitely not limited to) some of the following:

·    You can get more shade: With a screened enclosure, you can swim longer without having to worry about catching a sunburn. This is because the screened enclosure helps to provide even more shade to keep you out of the direct sunlight.

·    You can keep more debris out of the pool: Leaves and debris love to make their way into swimming pools, but a screen enclosure will be a major help in defending from leaves, dirt, and any other debris from finding their way into your swimming pool.

·    You can keep bugs out: No one wants to have to deal with bothersome bugs while they are trying to swim. Screen enclosures go a long way in keeping insects out, which means you can finally enjoy a dip in the pool without mosquitoes or other bugs messing with you.

If you want to start taking advantage of some of these ideas for yourself in your swimming pool, then you should get in touch with your screen enclosures hartford specialists to get your screened enclosure out around your pool. The fun days await!